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Support: Create a problem report

To provide fast and helpful support, we usually need detailed information about your current system configuration. These are many a times very difficult to convey even for an experienced users and can hardly be communicated on telephone with expense of both time and money.

Therefore a small tool, shipped together with all of our products, helps to generate a so-called “problem report” by few mouse clicks. You can send this report via e-mail or print it and send it by fax or post.

Please simply proceed as following:

  1. Click "Create Problem Report "

    Run "generate problem report", located in program group (START - PROGRAMS -..)

  2. Describe misbehaviour…

    In the following dialog, please specify the occurred problem or misbehaviour as exactly as possible.

    Confirm your address data, so that we can get back to you.

    The tool now automatically generates a report, that summarizes system specific data.

  3. and send us the generated report

    Please click “send” to generate an e-mail to our technical support, that contains all the required informations.

    If you do not have e-mail (or your mail client is not MAPI-compliant), you may print this report and send it via fax.

We try to answer your support request as soon as possible. Please understand, that we may need a response time of 3-4 working days.

Important Note:
Please keep in mind, that we neither can’t provide technical support without the mentioned problem report nor we free offer assistance by phone.