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Reference Projects

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Along with our standard products we also offer individual and customer specific development. 

Below, please find some of our most important reference projects

DextraPrint / DextraPrint XL

Saving time and helping to improve quality of diabetes therapy -  this made DextraPrint - developed for Bayer Vital Germany - becoming a worthful tool for pharmacy and clinics.  

DextraPrint allows to evaluate and print blood glucose values, measured with Bayer's Ascensia meters - quick, easy and for takeaway.  

In an subsequent version (DextraPrint XL), many other functionality was added. Due to very positive resonance, also a version for Bayer Switzerland has been developed.

Glucoval Data Manager

With the assistance of GLUCOVAL Data Manager, diabetes patients can easy record their therapy data.  

Data may be entered manually or being transferred from GLUCOVAL blood glucose meter.


Accu-Chek Visual

The Accu-Chek Visual software has been developed for Roche Diagnostics. The software helps to transfer data from Accu-Chek meters and provides convenient analysing and reporting functionalities.


Activita PC

As a project for B. Braun, the software Activita PC combines analysis both from glucose and blood pressure.  

All relevant therapy data can be evaluated completely to allow common evluation of blood glucose and blood pressure.