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med|import: Features

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Uniform Interface for All Meters 

med|import puts an end to all the hassles when using different measuring systems.
Under uniform software surface, data from many medical measuring devices (e.g. glucose meters)  can be transferred into the PC, in order to make them accessible for a subsequent processing in specialized software tools, that do not support data transfer from meter.

The modular conception of med|import provides much flexibility and cost transparency:
For each meter brand, there is a separate, independet module of med|import available.

Data Transfer To CAMIT PRO and MS-EXCEL

Use med|import to transfer data from your meter and create different output formats, allowing further analysis with specific software tools.

For example, data from common blood glucose meters can be transferred to PC and automatically be saved in CAMIT ASC format. So users of the software CAMIT PRO (manufacturer: Roche Diagnostics) are not limited to use Accu-Chek meters anymore - they now may also use other meter brands and continue analysing in CAMIT PRO.

Optionally, meter data may be exported to Excel format, into comma separated files (CSV), as detailed log file or into a text file.


Link between Practice-computer and Measuring Devices

med|import works with usual practice management systems:

med|import is convenient: the implemented BDT/GDT interface allows a comfortable data connection with common practice administration software: available patient data can be used seamelessly.

So meter data could be transferred via BDT to handsheet or patient’s document.


  • Modular concept - Only necessary components are provided
  • Easy to use and fast workflow
  • Connetction to clinical computer 
  • Independency from meter manufacturer

Target groups

  • doctors/diabetes specialists /training centres
  • Clinics
  • CAMIT PRO or EXCEL users