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Data Entry and MaintenanceDIABASSDIABASS PRO
Data administration with quick patient selection
Manual data input of blood glucose, insulin, meals, sport, medicines, physician dates, laboratory values, body weight and insulin pumping
Data transfer from nearly all blood glucose meters  *
Data transfer from many blood pressure meters **
Data import from other diabetes software, e.g. Accu-Chek COMPASS, CAMIT, WinGlucoFacts, Precision Link, InTouch, OneTouch, Dialogue, Accu-Chek SmartPix, Sinovo/Sidiary, Accu-Chek Pocket Compass
Data transfer and communication with clinical computer by BDT /GDT interface
Individual notes and appointment recording

Charts and statisticsDIABASSDIABASS PRO
Daily evaluation (blood sugar, blood pressure, nutrition, protocol, statistics)
Process analysis (blood sugar, blood pressure, insulin, protocol, statistics)
Standard day (blood sugar, blood pressure, insulin)
Time analysis (blood sugar, insulin)
Insulin pump events
Tabular list of readings (blood sugar, blood pressure)
Tabular period overview (blood sugar, blood pressure)
Histogramm (blood sugar)
Distribution analysis of  hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia
Evolution of body weight
Tracking of body weight and body fat

Printing and Report CapacitiesDIABASSDIABASS PRO
Summarized reports (blood sugar, blood pressure, insulin)
Protocol (sequential display of log-entries)
Tabular period overview (blood sugar, blood pressure)
Tabular list of readings (blood sugar, blood pressure)
7- days- overview (blood sugar)
7- days- overview (blood pressure)
Standard day (blood sugar, blood pressure, insulin)
Standard week (blood sugar)
Histogramm (blood sugar)
Distribution of hypoglycaemia and hypoglycaemia
Time analysis (blood sugar, insulin)
Nutrition and weight analysis
Insulin pump events
Laboratory data
Diabetes passport
User-defined collection of printing reports

Integrated data backup (ZIP-compatible)
Data export as per ASCII and CAMIT 3 ASC
Integrated telemedicine functionality to send encrypted data to doctor and/or healthcare team 
Reception tool for incoming telemedicine data
Customiziation of display options
(et. alii. colors, units)
Possibility to extend functionality by 
external add-ins and third party provider
Licence for ussage on up to three workstations
Creation of reports in PDF-format (via MAPI-Client)