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DIABASS MOBIL helps to record data even while travelling: use your PALM as electronic diabetes-logbook. Simple, fast and uncomplicated.

For a complete data analysis, data can be transferred to PC by HotSync and can be processed there either with DIABASS, DIABASS PRO or MS-Excel

Functional Overview

  • Records blood glucose, insulin and carbohydrate level due to sports, blood pressure and other activities
  • Blood glucose process: Display of blood glucose level as line chart
  • Modal day (blood glucose): Time-related display of measured data
  • Time analysis (blood glucose): Relationship of low, normal and high blood glucose level in morning, at noon, in the evening and at night.
  • Blood glucose list: Records average blood glucose value on hourly basis
  • Blood glucose evaluation: Recording low, normal and high blood glucose level on hourly basis
  • Change mg/dl <-> mmol/l
  • Data transfer in DIABASS / DIABASS PRO by HotSync
  • Data output in Excel-format by HotSync¬†

System Requirements

  • Handheld-computer with Palm-OS (Version 3.5 and higher level)
  • Required memory capacity: 800KB PC in Windows (Windows 95 onwards)
  • Palm-HotSync-manager from version 4.0