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Telemedicine: Data Transfer with DIABASS

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DIABASS and DIABASS PRO already come with some telemedicine functionality. 

Data transfer (encrypted and compressed)

With a few mouse clicks, data can automatically be encrypted and send by e-mail to the healthcare team or any other recipient. The data will be send using the standard email client. To use this functionality, please choose menu FILE and select transfer file and doctor disk function. As an additional benefit, data will be compressed to decrease transmission time.

The recipient needs DIABASS PRO and just have to double-click to the data attachment of the incoming mail.
A data import wizard will appear and allow an easy transfer of the received patient database.

Data transfer as PDF-file

If the recipient does not use DIABASS PRO or whether there is no need of encryption, reports may automatically be send as a pdf document.

It only takes some mouse clicks to create an email in you standard mail program, containing a comprehensive reports in pdf format as an attachment.

The recepient only needs a free PDF reader (e.g.Acrobat Reader) to view and print the data.

Data file transfer by e-Mail

Last but not least, data files may also be sent as an ordinary e-mail attachment.

To open these files, the recipient needs DIABASS or DIABASS PRO. If the recipient uses the software CAMIT, data might be send in a CAMIT file format (CAMIT ASC).

Support of future telemedicine methods

Thanky to an open and future-oriented architecture, DIABASS and DIABASS PRO may also be connected to external telematic systems and health documents.