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DIABASS: Screenshots

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DIABASS offers powerful functionality and a lot of charts and statistics. 
Please find some screenshots below. 

Data Entry

Comprehensive and comfortable data entry functions – optionally in log-book style, in a tabular form or in  detailed protocol style. 

 Fast data entry

 Data entry (glucose)

Track all your relevant diabetes data

Track all your relevant diabetes data - blood glucose, blood pressure, insulin, intakes, activities, medicines, events, visits to doctor, laboratory tests,...

 Data entry (blood pressure)

 Data entry (insulin)

 Data entry (nutrition)

 Data entry (activities)

 Manage medical appointments

 Laboratory data

 Diabetes Passport

Data transfer from meters

DIABASS gives you the choice to transfer data from nearly all blood glucose meters, from many blood pressure meters and soon from insulin pumps, too.

Comprehensive charts, graphs and statistics

The powerful analysing features of DIABASS help to quickly identify trends ad patterns of your glucose levels

 Blood pressure graph

 Blood glucose journal

 Time analysis (glucose)

 Time analysis (insulin)



 Standard day

 Standard day (blood pressure)

Comprehensive report functionality

DIABASS offers many reports, that can be a useful tool for discussing trends with your healthcare team. These reports can be printed, e-mailed, or faxed to your health care team with just a few mouse clicks.

A list of print examples may be found here.

Nutrition analysis/ diet control

DIABASS allows tracking of nutrient intake and helps to monitor individual limits (e.g. amount of daily carbohydrate units).

 Nutrition analysis

 Body fat analysis


Easy to use and completely configurable – it's up to you to determine most of the program settings, e.g. the measuring unit (mg/dl oder mmol/l), target values, colour or user interface  (Outlook-style or windows)