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OEM solutions

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You are manufacturer of a blood glucose meter and need a software to transfer data from your meter ?
You do not want to re-invent the wheel of diabetes software again ?
Possibly, we have both a less expensive and very attractve solution.

For manufacturers of medical devices (e.g. blood glucose meters), we offer attractive license conditions and OEM versions of our software. We offer not only packaging and branding in your specific look, but also could tailor functionality according to your needs, e.g.limiting data transfer capabilities only to your meter. 

Full customization

Important manufacturers already use customized versions of DIABASS and DIABASS PRO.

  • Abbott Germany
  • Abbott Italy
  • Bayer Germany
  • Bayer Swiss
  • Disetronic

Special Editions

Special editions are delivered in neutral program packing, but labeled as "special edition" by a sticker.
Apart from customized program background and color design, data transfer is usually limited to the meters of the specific manufacturer.

  • Abbott Sweden
  • Abbott Belgium
  • Abbott Denmark
  • Abbott Norway
  • Abbott Greece
  • Bayer Germany
  • Bayer Switzerland
  • Therasense
  • Ypsomed
  • Bionime Corp.
  • Geffen Intl. Trading
  • Elekta