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Lebensmittel-Manager is a comprehensive library for nutrition data; a convenient interface gives fast access to more than 6,000 nutrition facts (data source: German Nutrient Database, BLS III).  

Concise Display

Nutritons are listed in window files and directories with explorer-enabled display. A simple mouse-click offers informations to more than 60 ingredients - for example,  carbohydrate, fat, protein and phenylanalin.

Powerful search function allow complex query operations to retreive any nutritions, that contain defined ingredients (e.g. cholesterol) and compositions.

More than 6,000 Nutrition Facts

The database bases on Bundeslebensmittelschlüssel III (Quelle: IGVV)  and provides comprehensive information about the composition/ingredients of more than 6,000 nutritions.



Integrated Recipe Administration

In the integrated recipe administration, cooking and baking recipes can be simply collected and administered. Nutrient data can be simply transferred to DIABASS by drag'drop,where further nutrient analysis may be carried out.




  • More than 6,000 nutritions


  • Reference for Diabetes and Phenylketonuria
  • Easy administration of recipes 
  • Data transfer to DIABASS
  • Low-priced 

Target user group

  • Patients
  • Nurses, Diabetes Assistants