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15th anniversary of DIABASS: new version available !

A new version 5 of DIABASS, the comprehensive diabetes care software, is now available.

Diabetes is a disease with immense impact for the patients.
In case of insufficient or inadequate treatment, there is a high risk of further injuries and diseases.

To support therapy at best, the patient should keep a logbook (called "diabetes diary) and track blood glucose measurements, insulin dosages and other relevant informations.

Our leading software DIABASS is a comfortable software replacement for common - paper based - diabetes diaries. DIABASS allows to track all relevant diabetes therapy data in an comfortable and easy way.

As an outstanding feature, DIABASS supports data transfer from nearly all blood glucose meters available wordwide. Also, the software is compatible to many blood pressure meters and even allows data transfer from insulin pumps.

DIABASS brings you a lot of useful reports, helping to track and analyse your blood glucose level.